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Truth Center, LLC
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About the Truth Center, LLC
Truth Center, LLC is a community oriented service-based business operated by Tanya Williams. Tanya Williams is a youth development innovator with a proficient understanding of our generation of teens and adults. In a technology driven society that is constantly demanding, Tanya is on the front-line creating strategies to keep them connected, protected, grounded and educated. Her insight comes from an extensive 20-year career with the New York City Police Department.

Tanya's experience as a Drug and Gang prevention/intervention/community police officer in the N.Y.C. public and private schools included teaching preventative bullying techniques, conflict-resolution, mediation, self-awareness and effective verbal and non-verbal communication.

Tanya is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in life guidance, option identification, balance and life fulfillment. Tanya emphasizes the importance of available opportunities for all individuals, outside of the negative stereotypes that society typically suggests.

Tanya serves as a motivational speaker, community advocate and law enforcement expert. Tanya educates the public in the areas of police policy and procedures, etiquette from the "down to earth" approach as well as a better understanding of police cultures and deciphering "police code."

 In her career, Tanya has been recognized for her outstanding commitment as a team leader to the N.Y. Organ and Tissue Donor Network and the Dare To Dream teen youth board. Tanya was awarded outstanding and invaluable service to the community, by Congressman Ed Towns, and numerous other recognition's and achievements. After retirement in 2005, Tanya found that her work was not complete, she aggressively fights and challenges a system that sometimes ignores the needs of the people. The strategic approaches that Tanya developed to foster relations, communication and enhance participation for all people are now being called upon to do the same for The Liberty Partnership Program at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) and in the business community. Tanya's presentations, working in collaboration with the non for profit community based organization, Bertha Mae Williams Foundation have been delivered extensively throughout New York State and includes some of the following organizations and agencies: Boys and Girls Club in Kingston, NY, Kerhonkson Elementary School, Rochester Youth Board Commission, Children's Retreat at Peg Leg Bates Resort, and the Parents Council Anti -Violence Task Force. 
Since our company opened its doors in 2009, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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