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Truth Center, LLC
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Who Am I & Why Am I Here?
Truth Center, LLC Girls Only Services
Virtues and Values
My Body...My Business?
As we go through life we will become to endeavor many things. We will operate in many capacities. The girls will benefit from this workshop by finding out how we get caught up in doing, getting, giving, and becoming that we forget who we are and/or fail to connect with the truth of why we are here.

$ (200.00)
At Truth Center, LLC, we understand that girls have special needs that will allow them to develop into the "queens" that they were born to be. Are we as adults raising thoughtless daughters?

We provide a variety of services including:
Living in a society filled with contradictions, how do we as girls establish clear boundaries that we will live by regardless of what society says or does. Boys are smiled upon when they date many girls, however, girls are frowned upon. Which one is right?

$ (200.00)
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Girls will learn that they have a realistic understanding of what constitutes healthy for their individual bodies. It is equally important that girls are adequately educated about the long-term ramifications of altering, enhancing, decorating or neglecting their bodies; ramifications that can quite possibly follow them into their adult years.

$ (200.00)
Boys Only
Truth Center, LLC understands what boys are feeling in today's world. There are solid walls made of brick, however, there is water seeping through the cracks. Having been raised in a family of four boys and numerous male cousins and extended family, Tanya has a passion with working with boys. 
Our special 10 week program is geared for boys to recognize the "king" in them. These workshops will allow the boys to build their self esteem and recognize how their character is creating their help/hurt network while learning survival skills. The boys will learn how to stay calm and in control. 

$200 per session/10 week session SPECIAL $1800.00 
​Effective Communication When Stopped by the Police
Boys will be able to better communicate with police utilizing verbal and non verbal skills. The benefit of being able to survive police encounters in a non-confrontational.

Who Are You?

How do nicknames effect the body, mind and spirit? Have you ever asked "Was I raised to be a thug? Have you been given enough hugs?
This workshop will allow boys to deflect the negative/positive names they have been called from childhood. Boys will learn to recapture who they were really born to be.


​What do I take away from my Family?

Now we have to live with the hand that we were dealt. The boys will learn to realize that we can learn from our family experiences, whatever they are/were. It was only by chance or circumstance that we ended up with the families or extended families that we have bonded with. Now is the time to find out what we can learn and grow from our families to make us the best that we can be in this world.

$ (200.00)